Microsoft Office 365 includes a private Online backup features based on SkyDrive. With SkyDrive, each Microsoft 365 user has a online storage to backup his documents or share them to the rest of his team or his customers. Though SkyDrive dashboard, the team can follow documents updates.

Dropbox for professional use : it’s over

Without any proper solution to backup files, or share files between team members, Dropbox account have been massively used in companies for professional uses. Despite the main problem, which is to publicly publish private documents, you may ask questions about confidentiality. Indeed, storing online files in a public cloud can not be a good professional solution as shown in this video :

Office 365 replies to this issue by including in its package on private online storage. Skydrive is a verry famous and highly secured tool for online backup.
If you are interrested in, you can subscribe here :

Online storage : Office 365 main layer

Working in team, with partners or customers brings some needs : share documents, emails or informations. SkyDrive let each Office 365 customers store their files online and manage the files rights very sharply. You can share files from any Office 365 interfaces, from Microsoft Outlook or from the new Outlook Web Access. Shortcus are everywhere.
A upper layer is based on Sharepoint, which interact with SkyDrive. Sharepoint brings some powerfull collaborative tools.

Here comes a list of the best cloud storage providers that offer a free online storage to test their service.

Hublic : free online storage : 25Go – french company and online storage in France
Adrive : free cloud storage : 50Go
4sync : 15Go
CloudExperience : 10Go
Mimedia : 7Go
SkyDrive : 7Go
Amazon Cloud Drive : 5Go
Icloud : 5Go
Box : 5Go
Google Drive : 5Go
Dropbox : 2,5Go

To get more information about best online storage, you can visit this website : or watch this video :

Having set a virtual architecture is a good point, but you need to connect your virtual machines safely and from anywhere.
The Vmware Vdi, management layer for a virtual desktop infrastructure, allows to configure a user directory to garanty secured access and protect each user data.
To provide a secure access to your virtual desktops, Vmware, for instance, provides a service named Vmware View which garanty to your cloud users the access to their virtual environnement from anywhere.

Virtual appliance vs virtual machine

A virtual machine is an isolated software which runs on virtualized plateform. It requieres the installation of an operating System, and will run one or more applications. Patches are delivered by OPerating System vendors and application software vendors.
The virtual appliance is close from a virtual machine concerning the 4 key cloud characteristics, compatibility, isolation, encapsulation and hardware independance. However, the virtual appliance embeds a pre installed, pre configured Operating System and an application stock optimized to provide a specific set of service.
To get your vmware appliance up to date, you no longer need to apply patch from Operating system manufacturer. They are pre tested by the application vendors.
Other set like Vmware Tools are available for free and fix networking or drive access issues.

vmware vdi

Virtual machine converter : from physical to virtual machine

Virtual machine vendors imagined their own virtual converter to ease the way to migrate a physical machine into a virtual environnement.
So, let’s get go. Download Vmware converter for free and convert your physical machine into a vmware image. That’s it. You can now find your environnement into your new vmware vdi.
Depending of the virtual machine provider you choose, you will be able to enjoy your new virtual desktop infracture with all the cloud computing avantages.